Northeast Scala Symposium


Since 2011, the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia Scala meetups have hosted a community-driven Scala conference. Because NEscala is community-driven, you help create it. The NEScala talks are proposed by the attendees , who then vote to select which will be given.

For the fourth year in row, NEScala coincides with the Typelevel Summit.

This year, we're back in Philadelphia, at the Science History Institute in Old City, April 1st through 3rd. (For the first time, all three days of the combined conference will occur on weekdays. Come early, and spend the weekend touring historic Philadelphia.)

  • Monday, April 1, is the Typelevel Summit.
  • Tuesday, April 2, is the Northeast Scala Symposium.
  • Wednesday, April 3, is the combined Unconference.


This year's event will be held at the Science History Institute  , 315 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

The Science History Institute collects and shares the stories of innovators and of discoveries that shape our lives, preserving and interpreting the history of chemistry, chemical engineering, and the life sciences. Headquartered in Philadelphia, with offices in California and Europe, the Institute houses an archive and a library for historians and researchers, a fellowship program for visiting scholars from around the globe, a community of researchers who examine historical and contemporary issues, an acclaimed museum that is free and open to the public, and a state-of-the-art conference center.


Once we've finalized the talks, we'll update this page with the full schedule.


To secure your spot for both the Typelevel Summit and NEScala, you need to purchase just one ticket. Tickets will go on sale soon. We'll announce ticket sales from our Twitter account first. Follow  @nescalas on Twitter to see all our announcements.


is our top sponsor this year. In addition to covering the cost of having all three days at the Science History Institute, representatives from Bridgewater are on this year's organizing committee. Among other things, they have provided valuable guidance as we formally initiate our efforts to expand diversity.

More sponsors are coming on board. As we finalize their sponsorships, we'll be thanking them here, too.

Code of Conduct

This is a draft version of our new code of conduct. The wording may change a little between now and the conference. The essential message, though, will remain the same.

The Northeast Scala Symposium is committed to providing an environment that encourages and empowers its members to teach, learn, and collaborate. We welcome every skill level – from beginners to experts – to participate and advance the Scala community.

Importantly, our members represent multiple dimensions of difference – across gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, and more – and we want everyone to feel comfortable bringing their full selves to the conference.

This means all members should apply a high degree of care and consideration to how they interact with others. We do not tolerate harassment in any form, but also want to go even further in actively creating an environment of belonging, inclusion, safety. Anyone acting contrary to the spirit of this mission will be asked to leave the conference at the discretion of the organizers.

The day of the conference, we will have a telephone hotline and a Slack channel (or similar mechanism) available for instant and anonymous feedback. The details on how to access those resources will be posted here. If at any point during the conference you experience an issue in this regard, we encourage you to use the hotline. If you have less urgent feedback, you are welcome to post it (again, anonymously) to the Slack channel.

The organizers have developed a formal set of procedures for handling complaints, including a chain of escalation.